Technology Platform for Research

The next call will be announced in fall 2024.

The Human Sciences Faculty has seen an expanding use of technology in its various empirical research activities. Several laboratories have been installed and are continually growing in order to meet the required standards in competitive research. Since January 2018 the faculty has a Technology Platform (TPF), which is a research support structure affiliated with the Dean’s office.

The TPF supports the faculty’s research projects ranging from graphical design for virtual reality, web-based data collection, app development, multi-user eye tracking to computer-controlled steering of machines, programming interfaces and various data organization and management tasks. TPF is particularly valuable for prospective scientists who are faced with increasing technical demands, it helps to establish interdisciplinary research projects and it contributes to a thriving research output.

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March 29, 2022
Thomas Berger

The pioneer of online psychotherapy

Congratulations to Psychology Professor Thomas Berger from the Faculty of Human Sciences, He received the prestigious Benoist prize for research. It was a pleasure to develop software for his research project "Self-help". The Technology Platform is happy to see that its developments are used successfully!

September 13, 2021