Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for TPF support?

You need to write a TPF application. The TPF committee reviews all projects and takes a decision about funding. Two deadlines for proposals are announced per year (spring and fall). Deadlines are announced on TPF web site, in faculty meetings, and via email.

What happens if I need TPF support between deadlines?

Research projects require careful planning. TPF does not have the capacity to handle additional projects beyond those submitted by the announced calls.

I discover a bug in a SW product developed by TPF. What do I need to do?

You can contact the TPF developer who was working on that project. If it cannot be fixed quickly, the TPF committee will make a decision about how to proceed.

I am planning to submit a research grant (e.g. SNF). Do I still need to budget costs for programming now that the faculty has the TPF?

Yes, absolutely. Funding agencies are used to cover research costs.

I have received funding from a grant agency to develop software. Do I need to hire a programmer by myself?

You can hire the programmer by yourself. TPF is willing to provide help (e.g. help in writing the job offer, define the necessary skills to recruit a suitable person) and, if time permits, provide expert advice.

I have been awarded a prestigious research grant and need TPF support. Will I get preferential access to TPF support?

No. Your application will be considered as normal application just like any other application. It is not the idea to primarily support those who have acquired external funding. TPF support is also necessary for new projects that may later result in grant proposals.

I have had a successful application for TPF support in the past. Can I submit a new project for the next following deadline?

Yes, absolutely.

My application was rejected. What can I do now?

A: Several reasons can lead to a rejection. So far, there were simply too many applications, and we do not have the work hours to accept all projects. This is the main reason for rejections. We occasionally receive submissions that are not research related. TPF does not develop software solutions for administration or teaching. It also happens that applications are unclear and the project is poorly described. The TPF president will provide a written statement indicating the reasons that led to a rejection.

In case of rejection can I revise and apply again for the next following deadline?

Yes, absolutely.

Do I need to have a research lab for submitting a request for TPF support?

Absolutely not. Experience shows that TPF goes in roughly equal parts into lab related projects and non-experimental projects (e.g. app developments, survey based data collection).

Is there a pro rata distribution of approved projects relative to the size of three institutes of the faculty?

No. There is no such thing.

How many calls are there for a TPF project application?

Normally, there are two calls per year, once per semester.

How much time is required for TPF to approve a project?

Around one month after the deadline. You will receive an email with the information whether your application is accepted or rejected with information that is more detailed. If it is accepted, you will receive information when the project will start and who will work on the project.

Can I see what projects were developed by TPF?

Yes, you can see them. You can login with your campus account on and you can check the project page. Furthermore, we encourage people to take a look on the already finished projects as sometimes you can benefit using something similar solutions. In this case, even if you need some adaptations, it will be easier for TPF to expand some functionality of an already existing project rather starting from scratch.

Does the TPF offer support for server maintenance or similar infrastructures?

No, the TPF does not offer this kind of support. TPF produces SW solutions for research projects.

I have had an application for TPF support which was approved. The project was not imple-mented in the current semester due to time constraints of other TPF projects. Is my applica-tion still in the pipeline?

Yes. It is not always possible to finish a given project on time, and this may entail delays with other projects. TPF is trying to diminish delays as much as we can. Approved but de-layed projects will be handled and you do not need to re-apply.