Streamix is an experiment management system for research experiments relying on continuous data stream capturing and live interaction through feedback loops. Streamix allows to interface several hardware devices for data capture and actuation. This includes eye tracking, motion tracking, EEG signals, muscle stimulation, video playback, audio recording, and others.

With Streamix an experiment is tightly controllable and reproducible through a logic-driven protocol structure where trials are defined by finite state machines (FSMs) that change states based on Streamix event interaction. A Browser-based user interface allows for convenient monitoring and controlling of a live experiment while the time-critical elements of the experiment are executed with a performance-optimized C application that is custom tailored for the exact needs of the experiment.

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htc VIVE pro
Win 10

3D Content for Dream-like VR

Experience of reality is highly flexible and unstable. This becomes apparent during the wake-sleep cycle when dreams appear real to us. To investigate alterations in the experience of reality and its underlying mechanism, a bizarre virtual environment will be used to elicit altered experiences. Therefore, 3D objects and environments need to be created.

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Sessions Wrapper

Sessions Wrapper App streams experiments which are based on multiple sessions and getting participants deeper involved. The app is focused at involvement of the participants in the experiment through the app which contain all the necessary information for the scheduled sessions (training tasks, surveys, etc).

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Mac OS

Moog - implementation

A six-degrees-of-freedom platform is used to study the perception of motion. Within a limited space, it can assume any position (linear and angular displacement), and it can interpolate the motion between any two points in space with precision. The software developed provides a new interface to the platform, which offers increased versatility and flexibility.

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