Sessions Wrapper

Schedule sessions for your pool participants, send them automatic notifications and get connected with them.

Sessions-Wrapper Summery

  • Upload subjects
  • Assign sessions for the subjects
  • Send download link to the subjects via SMS or email
  • Subjects install the app via the recieved link
  • Notifications (push notification, SMS or email) are sent to the subject when the session is active and load it to the app
  • Track the data. How many sessions were presented to the subjects, how many sessions were done
  • Send private notifications for selected subjects

The story behind the Sessions Wrapper App

Streamlining experiments which are based on multiple sessions and getting participants deeper involved

The Sessions Wrapper app is focused at involvement of the participants in the experiment through the app which contain all the necessary information for the scheduled sessions (trainng tasks, surveys, etc).
  • Simultaneous development for Android and iOS
  • To provide ability of in-app session execution
  • Subject code registration
  • Responsive admin panel
  • Data monitoring

Generate subjects and assign sessions

All the data regarding the experiment could be loaded using the Sessions Wrapper's web based front end. Each researcher can aquire a unique login with different administrative rights. Once logged in the web application the user can upload a template with the subject information (subjectNo, email, phone, etc) and what sessions are assigned to that subject.

Dealing with registration in apps

The app requires a subject code which is used for the login. The subject code is the 'key' that define the provided data. It can be send by email or SMS together with the installation link. The code should be entered only once and then the mobile device is always associated with that participant.

Future feature: automatically assign the subject code if the app is installed via the recieved instalation link.

Receiving notification and filling the session

Once the experiment is set up and the subjects installed the application they will start receiving notifications based on our scheduled time. Each session could be configured how much time to be active, how many notification reminders to be sent and what kind of notifications: SMS, email or app notifications. The application can send multiple types of these notifications.

Tracking the participants' performance efficiently

Using the admin panel of the front end, the researchers could track the activity of their participants. They can monitor how many sessions are presented to them and how many of these sessions were successfully done. When did that happened? When will be the next session for the participants?

Smooth communication with the participants

The admin panel offers 3 ways of communications. The participants can be reached via SMS, email or push notification. There are options for bulk sending messages and an option for sending private messages only to a single participant.

Technology stack

See the ways how the development team implemented the App requirements